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Peter Karadi - Master Boatbuilder

Whitby, Ontario, Canada
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New Construction, Repair and Restoration Services

About Us:

The Custom Yacht Builder, Whitby, Ontario, Canada The Custom Yacht Builder was founded by Peter Karadi in 1978.

From the beginning, Peter Karadi and his crew of experienced and skilled craftsman have built custom yachts of various sizes, ranging from medium to large sailing craft.

Peter's education, training and background includes architecture, design and a love of sailing, making him well suited to understanding a client's desire for a unique, superbly crafted product. Every challenging design request is met with innovative solutions, of which function, quality, durability and tremendous strength are common denominators.

Whether for casual, in-harbour weekends, or for the competitive demands of a Newport to Bermuda, a Marblehead to Halifax or a Chicago to Mackinac race, The Custom Yacht Builder can meet the rigors of any challenge on lake or ocean. Perhaps that is why Peter Karadi's boats compete so well under any condition and why his boat has been a repeat winner in the Lake Ontario 300.

The Custom Yacht Builder, Whitby, Ontario, Canada Peter Karadi's hands-on style and his attention to detail, assures the client that a craft of unequal beauty and strength are inevitable from start to finish, from stem to stern.

Besides building custom yachts, The Custom Yacht Builder provides additional services to boating enthusiasts, who may have craft of up to 55 feet in length. This includes various types of modifications and repairs involving fiberglass, steel and aluminum.

We also undertake custom one off construction of racing and cruising monohulls, catamarans and also trimarans to any stage of completion.

The Custom Yacht Builder is conveniently located at the Port Whitby Marina, 30 miles east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Whitby is situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario, right across the lake from Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, and just a day's journey from Niagara-on-the-lake, Kingston and the Thousand Islands.

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